Sifu Juan Andres Martinez began his studies in the Martial Arts in 1986. He obtained his first black belt in 1993 in Muryo Waza Karate. By 1996 he obtained his black belt in Kajukembo.  Sifu Juan Andres Martinez opened his first Martial Arts School in Eagle Pass, Texas in 2004, after emigrating from his home town Piedras Negras, Coahuila Mexico. Sifu Martinez opened his doors to the Eagle Pass community and invited fighters from the surrounding areas to practice freely at his gym. For three years Sifu Martinez absorbed new knowledge and began studying Mixed Martial Arts.  In 2007, Sifu Martinez began teaching a blend of Kajukembo and Mixed Martial Arts.   Martinez Kajukembo Academy is currently the only Mixed Martial Arts School in Eagle Pass, TX. who has had its students participate in full contact fighting events. The team organized to participate in these events is called Team Martinez, and they currently fight in the amateur and semi-professional divisions.  Martinez Kajukembo is associated with East Texas MMA. Currently Martinez Kajukembo Academy is ranked number 2 in the East Texas MMA fighting circuit.

Mission: The Martinez Kajukembo system strives to promote discipline in its students. It wants to provide a different venue for children who are seeking a challenge of the mind, body, and spirit. Sifu Martinez hopes to provide children a path away from gangs, drugs, and criminal activity, through his Martial teachings.

Values: Loyalty, Honor, Sacrifice, and an overwhelming desire to be the best